Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet Fin

The Man behind the heap of boys in his shiny new uniform. Baby Boy #3 due January 27th (our wedding anniversary)
Kind of alien looking.
No denying what he is.

Fin playing peek a boo. He was very active during the ultrasound, waving his arms, stretching his legs and at one point bucking like a bronco!

Looks like he's got the same chin and nose as his big brothers. We are all excited to meet the little man in January.

I was expecting the first time that Shawn felt the baby move it would be some kind of magical moment where he put his hand on my belly. Not the case. I snuggled up to him when we went to bed last night and the baby kicked him in the back!

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GuenKnits said...

Hey it's Jenny! Congratulations! Took me a while to find your blog again. I left the bookmark in a knitting folder :/ Are you guys still at the Norfolk address, or did my letter get lost?

And since it's a boy I might have to rethink the blanket pattern I started...