Friday, June 27, 2008

What the TF Brought

The TF wrote Morgan a thankyou note! The dollar is a one time deal though.

This is our house. I love the front porch so much. The boys can play out there in the afternoon, get some sun, and I can sit back and read. All this with no bugs. The mosquitos and chiggers are pretty bad here. And the squirrels. We've got about 10 running around our yard at any given moment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Tooth! The Tooth!

Morgan got sick of waiting for his tooth to fall out on its own so he gave it a hand. I was in the kitchen when Morgan runs up saying "I lost my tooth!" There is a little blood so I asked him if he pulled it out. "Yep" very matter-o-factly.

Evil Max

Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Archives

Not a lot has been happening at the Hauk house. Morgan finished school this week so we're settling in to the summer routine. 11 days and counting til the summer enrichment program starts. Tomorrow we're going to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Field Day Field Day

Max was so itching to get at the bouncy house but he finally decided that cheering for his brother and eating a sno cone would have to do.

Morgan totally rocked the 3 legged race.

His team then went on to win the tug o war. Even with his teacher helping it was a close game.

Here he is waiting nicely in line to throw a ball at the dunk tank. Most of the volunteers for that were Shawn's superiors!

Then there was the fire brigade game where everyone got all wet passing a soaked sponge to the back of the lines. Then filling up the buckets. That one ended a tie.

For the event Morgan's class made their own tee shirts in Art Class. Morgan models it for you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Pictures from the Past Week

Shawn was channeling Errol Flynn last week but has since shaved it off. Mustaches are the only facial hair allowed in the Navy.

Shawn catches Max. The kid loves those boots and wears them everywhere.

A little Knuckles wrestling. Max calls his Buckle.

Mo and Max sleep, blissfully unaware of the tornado warning. The bathroom is the safest room in the house and we saw the bad weather coming and had time to move the boys in their sleep.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Hot Out!

Morgan is just too cool for words in his heart sunglasses.

It's been so hot here with the average temp being 95 degrees! We've been doing a lot of our playing inside but in the evenings we go out on the porch for some basketball.
Morgan has a week and a half of school left. This week he's going on a field trip to the bowling alley. Then on Friday they're having the school's Field Day.

Max spent a lot of this weekend in just diapers to cope with the heat outside. With the AC we are living in the cool cave that has become our house. We eat a lot of fruit slushies. I put on cup frozen strawberries in a blender in a cup of milk and a bunch of ice. It tastes yummy and is easy to make.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Max Gets Nerdy

Max loves lying down in front of Daddy's computer, even when Daddy isn't there.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hiking Caledon

"That's My Backpack!" That's what Max kept saying when we tried to give him a break from the backpack. It had Mommy's camera, two juice boxes, and some fruit snacks in it. He carried most of the mile we hiked.

A filthy Max = lots of fun. But some of those marks on his legs are from a pen he found at the house this morning. We don't know where he has them stashed.

Morgan's new goal in life is be an artist just like Mommy. And he wants to live in his own house. Mommy's reaction when she heard that last bit? YES!

There was a playground at the Caledon Natural Site. The boys played hard until the lunch and again before the hike. We're surprised they didn't collapse before we got to the car.

Everyone had to have their own walking sticks. After halfway there Mommy made everyone (even Daddy) put their sticks by the side of the trail for other weary hikers to find.

Near the halfway point we ran into this fellow. At the time we didn't know if he was harmless or venomness so we gave him a wide berth. After some internet research we found out he was a Northern Black Racer. This snake is a scaredycat and slithers away very quickly when approached. Mommy took this picture at a comfortable distance as he was moving away from us.

Lunch was hotdogs with S'Mores for dessert. Morgan and Max weren't that impressed with the toasted marshmallows. Max took one bite and decided they weren't for him.

This merry-go-round was the hit of the day. Both boys took turns spinning the other. Then Morgan figured out how to spin it then jump on.
Several of these pictures were taken by Mommy taking a ride on the merry-go-round.