Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Party

Tonight was the Willoughby Neighborhood Halloween Party. Shawn is about half done with Max's costume so we pinned the tail to a shirt and Max wore his King of the Wild Things hat and gloves. The backpack was a must in Max's book

Shawn made the perfect hat for a King of the Wild Things. Max loved the crown hat.
Best not to ask why when it comes to the grill brush. Momentary scepter perhapsMo's Punk-Rock zombie costume.

This time with attitude!

Notice the frightened look on Max's face? This is because he threw the rest of the rings into the face of the nice lady running the game.

Max making a run for the dance floor. You may have noticed by now that Morgan is missing from most of the pictures. This is because he was dragging Shawn all over the place getting candy apples, playing games, and braving the haunted house.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Max's Birthday Extravaganza!

Willoughby School Fall Fest

Morgan's school held it's annual Fall Fest last Friday. There were games, a raffle, and a plenty of nachos and chili dogs (so fally). Morgan dressed up as a Punk Rock Zombie wearing a homemade Bad Brains band shirt. Max's Max costume was not ready so he fell back into an old favorite, Indiana Jones.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday Max and I collected a plethora of pinecones from the park. When Morgan got home we made bird feeders with peanut butter and bird seed.
Most of the PB got onto his pinecone.

Here is where Morgan started taking pictures so I could hang the bird feeders.

And Max ran around in cirlces.

Yes it's October and I'm wearing flip flops. You've got to love the weather here in Virginia.

Placement was key and Max helped me find just the right spot.