Saturday, December 6, 2008

Virginia Beach Christmas Parade

The weather was a little chilly (50 F) but our midwestern butts could handle it. We saw marching bands, motorcycles, and Santa Claus. The parade was a right on the beach with only a row of hotels separating the route and the ocean. We got a great view of both.

Max spent most of the parade bundled up and eating candy canes. Mo and his new friend H had a blast playing and waving to those in the parade. I met a friend from online and we hit it off immediately. New friends and a Christmas parade really made for a great day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Timeless Art

Putting glittery shit on a pine cone (and everything in a 12 mile radius-thanks for that one HBD) .
The boys had a blast and I ate a little glitter on my bagel at dinner time.

Side note- Max's face was thoroughly wiped down for these pictures but you wouldn't know it. The kid just sprouts dirt.

Mama's New Glasses

I like em. And they are Converse brands. Now I have to get some Chuck's to go with them.
Hint Hint

Tidewater Park

Virginia Beach has Mt. Trashmore but Norfolk has Tidewater. It's a great park with a huge playground and tennis courts and in the next year a skate park. I look forward to taking the boys there again.

Yesterday was a high of 60 with sun. By the time we got to the park around 4 it was getting chilly but still warmer than Illinois. This kind of weather is the norm in Norfolk.