Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Move

Shawn's Naval training has brought us to Dahlgren, VA. It's a base of about 1300 people. The school is small and well funded. Morgan is having a blast and has 2 months left of kindergarten.
Max stays home with me and we get around. We've already made several new friends. There is a tight knit kindergarten community here. The parents and siblings of Morgan's class are all friends. There is always something going on around here.
On Friday we went bowling at the base's bowling alley. Since Morgan saw it he's wanted to go. They had shoes and balls for both boys and we all bowled a great game. It was really cool how their lanes are computerized so that bumper guards came up on the boys turn and went down on our turns. I bowled a 123! It's a high score for me.
Morgan's a natural!

One of our first nights here we went to a crab shack on a marina. The boys got a big kick out of that. When it came to ordering food though they got Mac and Cheese and hotdogs!

This weekend we went to a Colonial Farm where people were dressed in "hysterical" costume. The boys were mostly excited to see the animals.