Saturday, September 12, 2009

Festival And Skating

Today we went to the Taste of Suffolk Festival. We had decent food and some fun in the bouncy house. We ended the day with ice cream from Coldstone Creamery! This is Max's new and very uneven haircut. It'll be fixed on Monday.

I think Shawn's got the pregnancy appitite that I was supposed to have. The man put away two footlong hotdogs with the works.

Mo took a picture of us.

Shawn shows Max how it's done.

Mo is a natural.

This ended with a polite golf clap from Mo.

Nice Kid.

Mo had to get inventive when it looked like he was going to lose the race.


GuenKnits said...

Heh well theres nothing in the etsy at the moment, I'm pretty sure. As long as Fin (what is that short for?) doesnt mind a lil pink in his rainbow, I think he'll like the blanket. I am sorry to hear about Max's, but at least he got two years out of it!

Hauksnest said...

I'm sure Fin (short for Finley) would love some pink. Max's favorite stuffed animal is a bright pink monkey named Chim Chim. And Chim Chim hates birds (at least that's the reason Max gave for throwing Chim Chim at Mo's parakeet's cage).