Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ye Olde Faire

Today we went to the Virginia Renaissance Fair. They had jousting, poppet shows, and big smoked turkey legs to eat. Never mind that they didn't eat turkey in Renaissance England. Oh well.

The boys liked trying on the armor and watching how the various weapons were used. We saw demonstrations of era guns and various swords, knives, and spears.

The boys both tried on different amounts of armor.

For food we had gyros, roasted chicken in a pita, and turkey. To drink we had refreshing strawberry lemonade.

While it was nice to do a little browsing we didn't intend to do any shopping. That is until Max go to the soap sellers. We were smelling various bars of homemade soap when Max tried to take a bite out of one. Fortunately the non-toxic bar was Rosemary scented cause we brought it home with us.

This was the most important fact of the day. Daddy's chicken bone was a real hit with him. He even tried to take a bite but not unlike the soap, it was a little slippery.

Both the boys loved this labyrinth set up by the fair. Max (always thinking outside the box) decided to rearrange the rocks to suit his fancy.

Yes, it was very tempting.

Morgan had a lot to tell the soldiers from way back when. He was the star of the demo.

It was time to go when Max started showing us all the signs for nap time.

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