Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hauks Storm The Capital

First kid kick of the day is walking across a bridge to get to the Metro station.

The boys loved riding the Metro. It was really exciting for them to go underground. Max mostly had fun climbing around on the seats.

Course I had to get pictures of Shawn and the boys in front of the Washington Memorial. The Metro stop is right under the center of the Mall. The first things we saw were the Washington M. and the Capital Building

As you can see it has been really rainy and Max is wearing different pants in this picture. Just after these were taken Max enjoyed some good puddle jumping.

First we went to the National Air and Space Museum. We ate at the super expensive McDonald's and changed Max's wet pants.
There were lots of hands on things for the boys to do.

Next we went to Natural History Museum . The boys both agreed that the dinosaur bones were the most exciting part of our trip.
This is Max getting a peek at the Elephant in the Rotunda.

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