Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coraline- Birthday Kitty

After a failed home visit last week we found the cat for us. Coraline is named after a book written by Neil Gaiman. She's really made herself at home. The first thing she did out of the carrier was eat, the second was give Max some lovin's. She has really adopted us. We don't expect Nina and Coraline to be kitty BFF's or even like each other right away. So far they've tolerated eachother.

Morgan named Coraline and last night she slept in his bed. While she's a birthday kitty for me she's really lovey to the boys.

As you can see she's pretty small, only 7 months old. She's a rescue and was abandoned by her previous owners. In all likelihood she wasn't treated very well and spent a week outside before being found. At some point she's had kittens and she is very very thin. We're giving her lots of good fatty food. Her coat is shiny and she doesn't have dandruff which means that she's generally healthy and just in need of some weight. When she's up to a healthy weight we'll get her spayed.

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