Monday, November 24, 2008

Shawn's doing great

Here's a blog post I did yesterday for another site about Shawn's trip and Mo's first day of school.

I got an email from my SO. He had quite a long flight but made it to Italy unscathed. The trip was uneventful and he was subjected to Nicholas Cage. They did make a short layover in Portugal.

Sailor's going to his ship but they wont have him out of Italy, acutally he's in Sicily, until the 1st. So far they've not had anything for him to do so he's on leave sort of. Today he's taking a bus into the city (which city he didn't say). He's staying in a hostel too. So he'll spend this week backpacking his way around the island before he gets flown to a carrier (a carrier landing will be better than a roller coaster) and then take by helicopter to his ship.

I'm not one for heights so anything less than a 747 bothers me but this is really a fun adventure for Sailor. Not only does he get these fun rides but the job waiting for him is a tech job with tons of fun toys, billions of dollars worth of toys.

On state side I just got back from taking Morgan to his first day of school at his new school. So far I'm impressed by the school. His teacher seems really nice. We were in his classroom all of three seconds and Mo had a new BFF practically glued to his side.

I hope this transition goes ok. He tends to take a month to adjust. We hit the 30 day mark and something switches on in him and he's fine. But with Sailor having just left it might be harder. Morgan understands Sailor's deployment well and knows what it's going to be like.

Here's some pictures that I've taken since the move.

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