Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Newest Family Member and Other Photos

Meet Eponine (Nina for short) she's a little stray kitten Shawn found outside his school. One vet visit later she's made herself right at home. The vet said she was 8 weeks when we found her but she was very tiny.

Shawn found her the day after my D&C and her kitty antics and cuddles have been very therapeutic.

Don't worry folks she's the most calm and patient cat I've ever seen. She doesn't scratch but we keep her claws trimmed low just in case. She did hiss and try to scratch Shawn the first time she saw him wear in his whites. It turned out to be the hat she was scared of. He took it off and she calmed right down.

We took the boys to the National Zoo in DC last Sunday. They loved it. We met up with a friend from Alexandria and her two daughters. The little mostly napped. Mo and his new friend O explored the invertebrate house, the reptile house, and the great apes!

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