Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was a bit of a diaster. We made plans to go to Solomon's Island in Maryland. There we would watch fireworks and eat a hearty seafood laden meal.

We managed to get a table outside this restaurant after someone canceled their reservations. Probably someone who watches The Weather Channel. Because after ordering our food and drinks a huge storm rolled in pushing us inside.

When our food finally came after about an hour Morgan took one bite and declared he was going to be sick. We made it to the bathroom on time, he was sick, and then he went to the table and ate his dinner. Weird kid.
So we ate our dinner, which was amazingly good while watching this impressive storm. Funny I was the only one to actually eat fish that night. I had a rockfish fillet on this wonderfully crusty kaiser roll. I do talk about food a lot on this blog.
After dinner the storm sort of cleared up. We could have stayed to watch the fire works but the whole island was wet and where would we sit. Also Max doesn't dig thunder which was still going on. So Shawn got a ride back to the car (which was parked about a mile away) and we drove home.

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